Welcome to Our Office

Welcome to the office of Dr. Jim Rutledge, a leading, contemporary dental care practice in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The photographs you are seeing on this page are of actual patients we have treated in our practice.

We offer a very thorough and professional service specializing in restorative and esthetic dental care including veneers, implants, crown and bridge work, bonding, tooth replacement and smile makeovers.  In addition to a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures, Dr. Rutledge has expertise in creating the most natural looking and comfortable dentures- either full or partial dentures.

We are especially interested in making all of our patients feel right at home! We put your needs and choices first to achieve efficient and comprehensive treatment that is right for you.

We strive to establish a lasting relationship as partners with our clients where we work together to create a lifetime of oral health. This kind of relationship is based on mutual understanding, effective communication and trust.

We believe that only you know what is right for you. We are here to help you understand what your current status is, the possible choices for the future and the consequences of those choices. We prefer to create and individualized treatment plan based on each client's long-term personal goals.

Extensive clinical experience coupled with a high level of training, creates a special understanding of the functional and esthetic requirements for creating a natural smile, replacing missing teeth and preserving a healthy mouth.


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